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Love Letters

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Here at Apicare we’re a glass half full kind of company and we’d like to share the wonderful things our customers have to say about our Manuka honey skin care products.

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Manuka Therapy 30% Crème

Our 30% Honey crème was short listed in the Free From skin care awards in the UK in 2014 and went onto to win the Silver award.

An amazing story came out of this and we would like to pass James story onto you. This is quite a long story but such amazing story so we feel it is well worth reading.

"James had recently undergone a course of gruelling radiotherapy to his face & neck having been diagnosed with parotid cancer which resulted in major surgery.

Two weeks ago he finished radiotherapy which was a six week regine of treatment, five days a week followed by 2 rest days. At the end of his treatment his neck and right side of his face were a real mess. The skin was peeling, weeping and had open sores that bled and this extended down his neck and right shoulder.? Initially James used a cream prescribed by the hospital - Flamazine which contains silver sulfadiazine. The cream is used to treat burns victims and acts as an anti bacterial topical ointment. Although it undoubtedly helped to some extent with the healing process, it has the unfortunate effect of turning the neck black. It also tended to draw the wounds and we found we were in a vicious cycle of the wound crusting over, then once this fell off the wound would weep, more Flamazine and after more than a week his face was still very red with oozing sores which were very painful.? James found the Apicare Manuka Therapy 30% honey cream in my bathroom cabinet which I had been testing for the Free From awards and unbeknown to me James started using it on parts of his face that were dry and crusting rather the open wound but found that within a matter of hours his skin felt 100% better - it looked moisturised and took all the redness away.

The cream seemed to help the skin heal and stopped the vicious weeping. He gradually progressed to using it across the whole of his neck. Although we had to be very careful, we did use it where the skin was broken and bleeding and it did not irritate and seemed to help the healing process. So he started to experiment a little more and found that he could even bear it on the open wound too and rather than making it weep further as the Flamazine had done, it soothed and helped it heal.

We went to the hospital and the Oncology specialist was amazed his skin had healed so quickly given the extensive damage caused by the radiotherapy.? We admitted we had ditched the Flamazine in favour of the Manuka honey crème and showed her the tube we were using.?

James swears by 30% Manuka honey crème and is convinced his skin would not have healed so quickly and so well if he had stuck with the hospital's prescribed ointment.

James continues to make good progress and the tissue has healed well. He still uses 30% Manuka honey crème occasionally when he feels his skin tightening.? Recently our 21 year old daughter received some nasty insect bites on her ankle which became very red and swollen so James insisted she put some 30% Manuka honey crème on the bite and it took away the itching and swelling, so it seems to have a multitude of uses.


Thank you so much for developing your Manuka Therapy 30% Honey Crème.

My 3 year old son has quite bad eczema on his arms and legs and psoriasis on his hands, and being a typical active boy he loves playing in the sandpit which does not help his skin at all. While travelling through Alexandra a few weeks ago I was recommended your Manuka Therapy 30% Honey Crème. Within hours he stopped picking at his hands and within a few days his eczema had completely gone behind his knees and elbows. His hands are no longer weeping and have pretty much cleared right up. And all with no steroids. Thank you so much for allowing my son to get through the nights and days without itching. As a mum I was feeling guilty that he was having to live like he was and I don't have to feel that way anymore. So thank you very much.

K.D., via email, N.Z.

Hi: I recently purchased your "manuka therapy" healing propolis for dry irritated skin. To my amazement this product has been extremely beneficial for me and I am very pleased with the product.
S. F., via email, North America

...just to let you know I've recently had quite bad eczema on my fingers and been using steroid cream (reluctantly) for the last 2 months. I've just tried the 30% crème and within 3 days it's almost cleared up, and most of the dryness has gone......Great product, thanks!
D. R., via email

And from Dave in Australia Nov 2017

Thank you for your prompt delivery of the 30% Manuka Creme. I have been struggling with flakey red patches on my face for a couple of years, nothing seemed to settle it down, but this cream is miraculous by comparison. It has been a game changer. All the very best - Dave?

Thank you so much. I bought a tube when I visited Dunedin at Christnas and was amazed that it cleared an eczema like condition on my chest. Nothing else has worked.? Iona? March 2016

Very Hardworkers Handcreme

I have been nursing for 27 years in areas that involve scrubs and frequent hand washing, e.g. midwifery, neo natal intensive care, urodynamics? (my record is 16 scrubs in one day) and now orthopaedic surgery.? As a result of using handwash solutions the skin on my hands had become constantly painful…. I was very conscious of their appearance.? In desperation a week ago I went to my local pharmacy….The Very Hardworkers Handcreme sounded like me so I bought it and have using it about four times a day.? I cannot believe how much better they look!? Better still they are no longer painful.? I also think my skin is looking less fragile and thin.? They are actually healing!? I am now singing its praises to my colleagues.? Thank you for such an excellent product,
Mrs. J. W.,? Christchurch?? ?

David's Story

In July 2015 David emailed us his story.?

" I have been overwhelmed by the success I have had with your Very Hardworkers Handcreme. For the past ten years I have had a problem with my hands. My GP has taken fungal scrapes and prescribed various treatments, all without success. I have been embarrassed by my hands and bordering desperate felling that people would not want to shake my hands.? My wife purchased a pot of your Very Hardworkers handcreme on the 21st May and within 2 weeks my hands were better".?

David kindly sent us photos of his hands before using Very Hardworkers Handcreme and photos after 2 weeks of using the cream.

Greetings from Texas, U.S.A.!? I am in love with your VERY HARDWORKERS HAND CREAM and have given it as gifts …. The people I have given it to are begging for more!
Via email

A friend bought me a jar of your Very Hardworkers Handcreme – Love it!? I have had a real problem with my hands in the last few years.? I don’t know if I damaged them with fertilizer from the garden or whether fabric dressing is the culprit.? Whatever the reason, I have tried Drs prescriptions, cortisone etc. to no avail.? Your product is the best so far.
Mrs. L.C.,? Canada

Just a quick note to say I love this product!? I stumbled upon it one day in the pharmacy and boy since then my over washed (I am a nurse) hard working hands which were dry and scaly are now soft and normal looking! Incredible ... but wait there's more .... I have been using it on my face too and boy what a difference it has made .... not so dry ... wrinkles, although definitely still there are not so obvious and it looks like the moisturise is retained after 8 hours at work - I don't look so dried out and prune like as I had (I'm old too) So thanks again!

Kathleen? via email

…your Very Hardworkers Handcreme is the best and most effective hand care product I’ve ever used.
My hands are in the best condition they’ve ever been in!
Mrs. S.G.,? Perthshire, Scotland

I have been using your hand cream ‘Very Hardworkers Handcreme’ for some time and it has been the only successful application to fix my dry hands.
Ms. C.K.,? Wellington, N.Z.

I have been using it twice daily on my feet, which crack and split, and your crème has helped very much.? I have tried many other creams, but to date, yours is the best.
Ms. S.T.,? Keri Keri, N.Z.

I am a joiner and the best for my ‘hard working hands’ is your Very Hardworkers Handcreme.
Mr. F.W.,? Munich, Germany

I have found that the Very Hardworkers Handcreme is wonderful, not only on the backs of my hands, but I have been putting it on my eyelids which have had an itchy, scaly, dry skin problem and dry eyes (I am 79).? I have found that the crème moistens my eyelids and my eyes are not dry and itchy either.
Mrs. P.H., Tasmania, Australia

Hi! My husband and I truly love the Very Hardworkers Handcreme….We love it so much we bought a few more to bring back to the USA.? It sure is good to find a product that is really very effective.? Thanks for making such a wonderful product!!!
Mrs. A. M-S.,? California, U.S.A.

I am emailing to tell you how much I love your Very Hardworkers Handcreme.? I’ve had dry, cracked hands for as long as I can remember and no product has ever fixed them until I found yours.? I also use it on my feet with great results.? Thank you!
Ms. L. M., Geraldine, New Zealand

My husband purchased some of your Very Hardworkers handcreme for me & I have been using it on my cracked heels for only a week and it has changed my life!? I can walk on my heels again without pain and the worry of them splitting & bleeding.? May - Australia 2017?

I have been using Very Hardworkers Handcreme for the past year, and want to thank you very much for making such a wonderful product. I live in the South Islandnand have suffered fromm cracked hands for around 6 months of every year, due to the cold weather. I have tried a number of handcremes, but never found one that solved the problem. I recently purchased Very Hardworkers handcreme and I have never looked back. Within days, the cracks on my hands healed and I continue to use the cream on a daily basis. It is wonderful to now be able to go through the winter months without having sore, cracked hands.? Linda? South Island 2014

Lip Balms

I have just returned from a trip down south and I purchased a stick and pot of your lip balm…The APICARE product is the best I have ever had.? I get very dry lips and cracked sometimes and I have tried every product on the market…Thanking you again for a great product,
L.H.,? South Island

I discovered your lip balm on a visit to New Zealand 5 years ago and I can’t live without it now!? It’s the best one I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried a lot!
Mrs. N.K.,? Via email

Today I was recommended your ‘Protect Me Beeswax Lip Balm’…. I am totally thrilled with the product…I just wanted to let you know that I am one happy customer.
Via email

I would like to tell you how good your Lip Balm is.? I have had sore lips for 10 years and at last they are better, no more flakey skin, and I like to give credit where it is due.? Thank you.
Mrs. J. T.,?? Auckland, N.Z.

Re: Revive Me Beeswax Lip Balm
I have found this lip balm the best because it stays on for a long time.
B.R.,? Christchurch, N.Z.

Hi….I am 12 years old.? I am just writing to say that I love your lip balm – ‘Revive Me’ and all of your other products!? They are amazing!!!? My lips were dry and cracking but as soon as I started using your lip balm they became soft and nice…..
Miss. T.D.,? Te Puke, NZ
?? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?
I have a problem with dry lips and have to use lip balm daily to prevent cold sores.? For years I have been using pharmacy bought lip balms but have found that I was having to use them more often throughout the day.? A friend told me that they have petroleum as an ingredient and that causes you to need to use them more because of its almost addictive properties.? She showed me your website and I purchased the Protect Me Lip Balm and I love it.? I’m back to once a day application, have had no cold sores and I’m saving money.? Thank you Apicare.
M. A.,? via email, New Zealand?

I just want to say thank you for your lip balms - both Protect me and Revive me. They have worked wonders for my lips and are so hydrating and moisturising and also help with my Mum's cold sores.

They are the holy grail of lipbalms.? Diana? Jan 2016

Rescue Me

...I originally bought this as I was suffering from severe dry lips (no cracking but almost burned with hard red skin and tiny blisters all around the edges).? I initially was going to try the Revive Me Lip Balm, but I had read this was good for burns and as that's what it felt like I figured what the heck, I'd give it a go.
This instantly soothed my lips (after 1.5 months of trying every other product under the sun) and in conjunction with the lip balm healed them completely within 3 days, though I put the majority of the healing down to this gel.? I've since used it for mild eczema, sunburn and even as a handcrème (by mistake) and it's worked wonders for everything so far......
I highly recommend this as a staple first aid item for everyone and even carry a little that I've decanted into a little pottle in case of future dry lip emergencies.
Review on a?beauty blog website, reprinted with permission of the author.

Just a little thank you for your product.? My wife has just finished her radiation treatment for secondary breast cancer.? She found your Rescue Me product a great help for the burns associated with the treatment.? Prior to using your product she gained permission from her specialist that it was O.K. to use.? As you are probably aware there are very few products that specialists will recommend, due to the residues left behind after the product is removed and prior to radiation therapy.? Thanks very much.
Mr. D.M.,? Australia

.....she suffers from Lichen planus and it seems of all the products she tried, the Rescue Me is the only product that's helped with the itching and rash.

Ms S.S., via email
This is just a note to say thank you for your wonderful product ‘Manuka Honey & Aloe Vera Gel’.? My son….now spends his life in a wheel chair…from sitting so long he rubbed a blister on his tail bone and the gel had it cleared up in no time………..
Mrs. C.G.,? NSW, Australia

Re: Rescue Me
….it is very effective at relieving sunburn.? Thank you and kind regards,
R.H., ACT, Australia

My sister who lives in NZ has sent me your ‘Rescue Me – Manuka Honey & Aloe Vera Gel’ which has made wonders to my skin (face).? I have very dry skin around my mouth and eyes and some trouble with eczema in those areas…Trust me, I’ve tried almost everything from expensive cosmetic brands to products on prescription (doctors order).? So far your product is the best.
M.W., via email, Sweden

I am such a supporter of this product that I even ‘sell’ it to the shop assistants!? The name is so appropriate; it immediately stops the development of any insect bites, it helps with skin irritations, great for after-sun care, it is marvelous when you are like me allergic to grasses….Even after a few minutes, my legs get so itchy that I want to scratch the skin off them.? Bring on Rescue Me!? A quick application, that does not leave my hands greasy and relief is almost instant!!
Ms. A.G., via email, New Zealand?

….Rescue Me Manuka Honey and Aloe Vera Gel.? As a regular user I can say that the new formula is marvelous.? It spreads very smoothly with a clean “non-sticky” feeling on the skin.? I have found it particularly good for cleansing and removing skin blemishes (ROSEA)…Good on you Recue Me!
Mr. J.H.? Hamilton, New Zealand

It has fixed a problem I have had for two years with an itchy area on my back which no-one else had an answer for (even my doctor)....

?Ms A.W., NSW, Australia??

My husband loves the way Rescue me cools his skin and calms the itch he gets from having shingles. His skin is looking good and healthy too, not dry anymore. He uses it severeal times a day when he feels the need and always pops some on at bedtime.

Tracey P? ?November 2015

On a recent holiday I purchased a tube of your Recue me which I absolutely love. It has fixed a problem I have had for 2 years with an itchy area on my back which no-one else had an answer? for (not even my Doctor).?

Annie? NSW Australia June 2016


Repair Me

I stumbled across your Repair Me Calendula & Manuka Honey Handcreme two days ago …Since I have very dry, damaged hands I thought I’d give your product a try.? I have tried every product known to man without much luck in softening up my hands. Your product is FABULOUS! I LOVE IT!!!? After the FIRST use my hands were softer. I am using it on my dry feet as well. The scent is lovely as well.
I immediately returned to the store and bought the remaining two tubes…Thanks for making such a terrific product
Kitty,? U.S.A.

Dear Sir or Madam,
I have damaged hands that peel a lot.? I am 75 years old and find your Repair Me Calendula & Manuka Honey Handcreme very good.
Mrs. A. H.,? Christchurch

Re:? Repair Me Calendula & Manuka Honey Handcreme
My husband has been using it since his hand operation and it certainly kept the new skin soft.? The doctor and his nurse were impressed…. He likes it as it is not greasy and works nicely into the skin.
Mrs. B. K.,? Dannevirke

I suffer badly from pustular psoriasis on my feet and palms and have started using ‘Repair Me’ with good results…
Ms. S. L.,? Via email

I have a mild psoriasis problem on my elbows and knees.? Moisturisers seem to help best of all and your crème has had a very good effect.
M.R., WI, U.S.A.

Re:? Repair Me
My husband suffers from psoriasis…your?creme makes it better.? No other?creme has done that for him…
Washington, U.S.A.

I felt I must let you know how delighted I am with my purchase of Apicare – repair me handcrème.? For years I have suffered with scaly skin on my hands & feet, recently I suffered a particularly bad bout, nothing, even prescription lotions have relieved it.? I was recently on holiday in Scotland, North Berwick and bought some of the crème.? A miracle – within a week just about all signs of the flaking gone!!
Ms. S. L., North Yorkshire, England?

On a visit to New Zealand my parents brought me back a tube of your Repair me handcreme on a recommendation for eczema. I am delighted to say it works.? Mrs J H Wales

I have been using Repair me on my horse who has problem skin with good results. I have just purchased Rescue me as well to use on my horse.?


Restore Me Honey Nut Body Butter
...I finished radiation treatment for breast cancer, my skin was soooo dry but the restore me honey nut body butter was awesome.....Thank you very much.
Ms J. S., via email
Pore Soles Nourishing Foot Creme
I used it and didn't notice the cooling so much as the fact it softened skin patches that several courses of Efudix didn't seem to work on.....
J.C., via email
I use it on my legs as I have varicose eczema, and I find it excellent for the same and I have tried many other products. M.G.
My husband suffers from painful soles due to diabetes. He has found this product to be a wonderful relief..... C.D.
Twelve months down the track from his intial Guillain-Barre Syndrome onset he is still using your creme and still getting great results with the neuropathic pain in his feet. Mrs J.M.
Cleanse Me
What a great product.? I have just been on my annual camping trip and one tube has kept me clean from top to toe for a whole week.? Thank you.
A. W.? via email, New Zealand

Saving Face
This is a great texture that works well for both me and my mother-in-law.? We both love the fragrance as well.
J. H., via email

Breathe Easy Balm
The Breathe Easy Balm has already been put to good use for my wee girl - a fabulous product!
Via Facebook.
Baby Bottom Balm
Thank you nappy rash 99% gone.? Helen? Singapore

Manuka Natural

Vitamin E Day Crème
I have been very pleased with this product.? It spreads into my skin beautifully and I haven’t experienced any sensitivity….
N. S.,? Otago, New Zealand

Rich Day Crème?
RELIEF – One word to describe what Apicare has done for my skin.? I have dermatitis on my face and eczema on my body.? The skin on my face was flaky, peeling, dry and sore.? The Manuka Rich Day Crème has made my skin smooth and comfortable again.? I am so happy that I am no longer embarrassed to go out in public.? Eczema on my legs is improving all the time also.? After trying so many products it is a big relief to find something that is effective and natural.? Thanks so much Apicare.
L. C.? via email

Sun Protect
Am thrilled to find a nice natural sunscreen at an affordable price – a real rarity!
Mrs. R. L., NSW, Australia

Manuka Natural Cleanser??
I thought I just had to drop you a line to let you know how impressed I am with you creamy cleanser.? It is so effective at taking my make-up off and not in the least bit drying to my skin, which is saying something.
S.G., Tauranga, N. Z.

Manuka Natural Exfoliating Wash?

Thank you for this wonderful product.? I have had problem skin for quite a few years so while visiting….Tirau we came across this product and it is the best I have used in years, I bought up large….So once again thank you so much.? My skin has been so good I love it.
P. M., Palmerston North, N. Z.

This is mine and my best friends favourite face wash.? We’ve been using it for months and it reminds us of honey on toast.
A. M., Pukekohe, N. Z.

Manuka Natural Night Shift
I have been thrilled with the results. After around a week or two of using both creams, both problems have been solved (dry face skin and puffy eyes), and I feel much happier with the appearance of my face and eyes.
I use other Apicare products, such as the Manuka hand cremes, and have always been very happy with the results.? Thank you for your amazing products!
Ms L.H., Ashburton, New Zealand
Manuka Natural Eyes Right
I've noticed an improvement in how my skin looks and feels after using Manuka Natural Eye Crème and Face Moisturiser.
Ms A. L., via email
Manuka Sensitive Delicate Face Wash
I have sensitive skin, on my face especially, and your products are the only things I have ever used that didn't burn my skin.? Usually I have to put up with the burning for a few weeks until I get used to it, but not when I use your sensitive skin face wash.? It's the best.
Ms S.F., Auustralia

Sensitive Wash & Sensitive Lotion
Thank you for continuing with some fragrance free lines.? I used to buy fragrance free at Queen Bee and am thrilled to see I can still buy fragrance free on line.
H. V.? Auckland, New Zealand
Calming Calendula Soap
I love this soap ... you have really spoiled me .... the texture is exquisite , thank you, I am a faithful fan.
Andrea? - Tennessee U.S.A


I love your hand creams! They are the only natural brand that doesn't flare up my eczema.
Ms K.B., via email

My husband has a skin complaint on his back and while in NZ recently we purchased Apicare products and have found them extremely helpful – the shower gel and Rescue Me in particular
Mrs. J.M.? Victoria, Australia

I have been using your hand crèmes etc. for a long time and your products are the only ones that actually help my skin. (Yes, I've been to doctors, skin specialist etc. etc. but none of them could help me ...
Ms. A.L.? Dunedin, N.Z.

I live in Japan and use your products in my daily life.? They are my favourite things...
I.U.,? Japan

I wanted to compliment you on your wonderful products.? My sister recently brought back several of them after being on holidays in New Zealand and they were fabulous.
L.H.,? NSW, Australia

Repair Me and Very Hardworkers Handcreme look after my much washed nurse's hands.? My husband calls me the queen of crème because I have tried so many.? Apicare products are perfect.? Thanks....
B. N.,? Via email

We look after you....
I have already received the products in perfect condition, thank you!!? Your products were a great discovery during my recent visit to your wonderful country.
M.R.,? Spain

Hi, we were very pleased to receive our well packaged order and all in good time too!? Well done and thanks.? We will continue to order using this convenient method.
M.P.,? N.Z.

Thanks for my order – it was my first time ordering outside the US – you were not only efficient but I LOVE your products!? I will be ordering from you again and again.? Thanks,
L.M.,? U.S.A.

Just to say thank you for sending the items that I recently ordered for my wife....Your service – from the other side of the world was superb? -- Thanks again.
Mr. J.T.,? Via email

Very many thanks for the speedy delivery of my order, which came safely to hand this morning.? I am most impressed.? It beats the fastest in-UK telephone order/postal delivery I have ever known!
Mr. C.L.,? Worcestershire, England

When you said the goods should be with you shortly you surely meant it – I just received the order a little while ago in the mail.? That was five days from the day I ordered it, from NZ to the USA!? Very impressive.? I know your product is wonderful, now I would never hesitate to order it again through your website with service like this.? Thanks again.
Ms. M.W.,? U.S.A., via email

Bath & Body

Body Butter
I received my order yesterday.? Thank you very much.? My husband has started to use my body butter.? He won’t admit it, but I think he likes it…????????????????????????????????
C. A.,? Adelaide, Australia

Manuka Honey Body Butter with Mango & Papaya
Your products are wonderful, I have extremely dry skin and find your?Manuka Honey Body Butter with Mango & Papaya?a miracle cure.? You now have a very loyal customer!? Thanks again,
Ms. V.S.,? Palmerston North, N.Z.

I cannot rave on about the Manuka Honey Body Butter?with Mango & Papaya?enough.? Thank you so much, I have no idea what the magic ingredient is but your cream is excellent for curing eczema.? I use the cream myself and have several family members and friends hooked on it too, ranging in ages from 35 to six months old.? I have never used anything that takes out the itch instantly.? For children that’s excellent news … My friends six year old daughter has been clear faced for six months now since using your product.? So once again thank you, thank you.? I just wanted to let you know that not only does it smell so yummy (enough to make me wish I could eat it!) it is a life saver for eczema sufferers.?? I will continue to recommend it to anyone that will listen to me.
Ms. I. V R.,? Australia

Dear Sirs;
On a recent trip to New Zealand, I purchased a container of manuka honey body butter with mango & papaya.? Amazingly it has nearly cured my psoriasis.? I want to purchase more immediately!
Ms. A.D.,? Columbia, U.S.A.

I am writing in regard to your great products….I have now bought several pots of your Manuka Honey Body Butter with Mango & Papaya and am extremely pleased.? It is a delightful product……Thank you greatly for coming up with such a delightful product that is so rich in the most nourishing and natural ingredients.
Ms. N.T.,? Waikato, N.Z.

Shea Butter with Lavender Body Crème?
The Manuka Honey Crème with Lavender has made such an improvement to my very dry skin.? I am really so dry with it.? Thank you.
A.S-H.,? Levin, N.Z.

Shea Butter with Lavender Hand & Nail Crème

I am writing with regard to your product –Shea Lavender with Manuka Honey Hand Crème which I discovered on a recent trip to New Zealand.? Your product has surpassed all expectations and has given new life to my old hands.
Ms. P.C.,? ACT, Australia

Wild Rose & Honey Handcreme
My daughter gave me a tube of your divine rose and honey?handcreme for my birthday.? The scent is just gorgeous….and a friend of mine remarked this morning on my fragrant skin.
Mrs. L.O.,? Kapiti Coast, N.Z.

Wild Rose & Honey Moisturiser
I just wanted to let you know how much I like the products of yours I am using.? A friend gave me the Apicare Wild Rose and Honey Moisturiser.? I have been having problems with my facial skin becoming very dry and flakey, almost like a dermatitis condition.? I threw away the face cream I was using and tried yours instead.? After only a week the difference in my skin condition was quite significant.? It feels soft and supple, the skin is moist without the dry flakiness…..Who needs a cupboard full of different creams when this one seems to do it all?? So thank you for marketing such a wonderful product.
Ms. J. A.,? Waitakere, N.Z.

Sometime ago I purchased your Wild Rose and Honey Moisturiser…..It proved to be one of the best moisturisers I have ever used and retained its perfume till the end…Thank you for producing such an attractive product
Mrs. S. M.,? Masterton, N.Z.

Royal Jelly and Manuka Honey Body?Crème
Re: Manuka Honey & Royal Jelly Body Crème
I received this as a gift and don’t want to live without it!? It is the best thing I have ever put on my skin!
Ms. J. C.,? WA, U.S.A.

I bought the Honey & Royal Jelly body Crème – it is now my favourite moisturiser!!
Ms. K. C.,? Vic, Australia

I have just returned from a week’s holiday in Nelson where I happened upon your Manuka Honey & Royal Jelly Body Crème…What made this one cream stand out was that I tried some on in the morning in the shop, shopped all day, and could still smell it about 4.30pm in the afternoon….I would just like to say, it is not often I find a hand/body cream that leaves a lasting impression….Many thanks for a beautiful product.
Ms. F. D.,? Auckland, N.Z.

I feel I have to write to you about your product ‘Manuka Honey Body Crème’.? I was given some as a birthday gift and I used it of course, BUT I was amazed to find the mild eczema on my hands just cleared completely so I tried some on the patches of eczema on my face and they to disappeared.? I have since given the name of your crème to various people with skin complaints and they too have reported back to me, full of enthusiasm at the great results they have experienced.? So THANK YOU – it’s really good stuff.
Ms. H. C.,? Matamata, N.Z.

Vanilla Body Crème
Hi Guys.? Can I just say that the Vanilla Honey Body Crème is absolutely delectable both in fragrance and in the effect it has on my skin….
Mrs. T. C.,? Auckland, N.Z.

Wild Rose & Honey Body Crème
Years ago, on holiday in Hamner Springs I found the Wild Rose and Honey Body Moisturiser….I bought some and have loved it ever since.? Recently I needed a pick me up after the earthquake and bought online the body moisturiser and hand and nail crème.? I use them all after the shower and go off to work in a fragrant cloud.? Just the best.
Ms. C. R.,? Christchurch, New Zealand?

Royal Jelly Handcreme
This is a great hand crème.? I use it every day.? It leaves my skin really soft and the fragrance lingers for hours.? Thanks for making such an enjoyable product.
V. R., Canada

Vanilla Honey Handcreme??
I am truly addicted to your Vanilla Honey hand and nail crème.? I love the fragrance so much I have gone through my first lot in a week and a half, I have been using it constantly.
A. G., Auckland, N. Z.


Your soaps are fantastic, my mother and I are great fans.....We make sure that we buy three at a time so we always have one to hand.
R. R. B., Hamilton, New Zealand