Apicare: Blog Blog http://www.framedgirl.com/ Wed, 01 Apr 2020 17:20:39 GMT urn:store:1:blog:post:8 http://www.framedgirl.com/green-washing Green Washing <p>You are probably aware of the term "green washing".</p> <p>Sadly these days there seems to be a lot of companies doing this.  So we thought that we would pop down a few things to be aware of.</p> <h3>Organic</h3> <p>This is not policed in New Zealand, so companies can have one ot two ingredients in their product, in a very small percentage that are organic and call the product organic.  We think that is misleading.  If you are buying organic make sure the product has a third party certification.</p> <h3>Chemical Free</h3> <p>Literally everything on this planet is made from chemicals .  Skin care products cannot be chemical free.</p> <h3>Dermatologist Recommended/Approved</h3> <p>These terms simply mean that a dermatologist has recommended the product.  They may be earning a fee for this and it does not mean the product was rigorously screened or tested.</p> <h3>Preservative Free</h3> <p>This is possible if the product does not contain any water.  Any cream, wash or lotion that contains water needs to be preserved to ensure the product has a good shelf life,  and is safe to use until the expiry date.</p> <p>Safe preservatives prevent harmful bacteria from causing infection.   It important that a product is preserved with a proven, safe preservative.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> urn:store:1:blog:post:7 http://www.framedgirl.com/apicare-3 Apicare Bee Hives <p>Honeybees are such an important part of our lives: we need bees to pollinate so much of the food we eat.  </p> <p>Honey &amp; Herbs have kept their own bee hives for over forty years: it's the Manuka honey from those hives that is used in all Apicare products. </p> <p>Chas and Mike look after the hives and the next generation of Honey &amp; Herbs beekeepers are undergoing their training!</p> <p>We'll be sharing their beekeeping stories on our blog throughout the year.</p> urn:store:1:blog:post:6 http://www.framedgirl.com/27-years-of-apicare 27 Years of Apicare <p>Pam &amp; Chas Reade are the founders of Apicare New Zealand, now in its 27th year of operation.</p> <p>Chas' career as a beekeeper started in his teens - but it wasn't until Chas met Pam that the skincare arm of the business began. While Chas was tending the bee hives in the fields, Pam was working her magic developing their range of natural skincare products - and so Apicare was born. </p> <p>It is this intimate knowledge of beekeeping that has allowed Apicare to become what it is today: the first company in the world to use Manuka honey in skincare and a behemoth in the NZ skincare industry. We are also proud to be a New Zealand company with a global presence. </p> <p>Fast forward 27 years and Apicare continues to look after you and your family from top to toe.  </p> urn:store:1:blog:post:5 http://www.framedgirl.com/apicare-awards Award-Winning Apicare <div> </div> <div>We are delighted to have received these awards and value them greatly!</div> <div> </div> <div>The awards we have won are international U.K.-based awards and makes them so valuable is that they are not advertising awards.</div> <div> </div> <div>The Free From Awards relate to natural products that are free from unwanted chemicals and synthetic ingredients and packed in an environmentally friendly way. Companies apply to enter the awards and a shortlist of products are selected. From there, a team of independent judges use, evaluate and comment on the products - and it's the judges' scores that ultimately determine the winners. </div> <div> </div> <div>Have you tried our award-winning range of natural skincare? </div> ĻӰԺ-2020Ļѹۿ